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Multiple number landline phone issue


I have just setup 'Multi Phone Number' with Telstra & have discovered that my wired landline phone doesn't have the capabilities to make a different ring tone for the 2 phone numbers i now have.


Basically I have one landline, one wired phone & 2 different phone numbers... phone number xx for me and phone number yy for the kids. I want both phone numbers to make a different sound so I'm not having to answer phone calls for them all the time.

Does anyone know what type of phone or what type of feature on the phone I need to get.

Thanks in advance.

BTW. I have contacted Telstra & they said they could not assign different ring tones to each of my numbers.

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Re: Multiple number landline phone issue

Well i did a bit of trouble shooting this morn.


If i connect the old standard cream coloured corded telstra phone.... i do get the 2 different ring sounds (?candence).


If i connect my Uniden cordless phone... i don't get the 2 different ring sounds.


So there is my problem. I need to find a cordless phone that can do the same thing as the old standard telstra wired phone.


Does anyone know of a cordless phone that can be assigned to detect the 2 different calls coming in & then in turn make 2 different ring sounds?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Multiple number landline phone issue

Hi tommygee,


If the 'Multi Phone Number' feature in question is a product called Telstra Multiple Number, then this feature requires a tone phone with distinctive ring capability - which your Uniden either may not have, or may need to have switched on somewhere in its menu.  Most Telstra rental phones (such as the one you've described) come with distinctive ring capability enabled by default, which is likely why your old cream coloured Telstra phone works with it.  Let us know how you go with the settings on the Uniden - and if they don't have the distinctive ring capability, all you should need to look for in a future cordless phone you purchase is the distinctive ring capability mentioned above.  Hope this helps!


- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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Re: Multiple number landline phone issue

Distinctive Ring capability on cordless phones doesn't refer to Telstra's Multiple Number service. It refers to the ability of the cordless phone handset to read the caller ID of the incoming phone call, looking it up in it's address book and ringing using the Tune that you have chosen for that contact.

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