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My Second Wall Phone socket does not work



I recently moved into a new house which looks pretty newly renovated and has Phone wall sockets alrady built it. The telstra technician came over to build a Telstra line to the house as it was not previously installed. The phone wall socket downstairs works but my second phone wall socket upstairs does not. Shouldn't they all be working? Do I need to pay more money to get the second phone wall socket working?


THank you


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Re: My Second Wall Phone socket does not work

With renovated houses, you never know what previous owners have done with cabling over the years.


They may have had extra sockets installed, then later moved them, disconnected the internal cabling, or moved it elsewhere, leaving unconnected sockets all over the place!


(yeah, I know, I live in an old house with phone cabling like spaghetti all over the place from previous owners/tenants. We've had new wall sockets installed, but of course the old ones were just left there).


You can either pay Telstra or a licensed cabler to fix up the cabling within the house to how you want it.


Think of it as similar to getting an electrician in to install new or extra powerpoints where you want them.

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