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National calls

I've recently moved house and I am now charged 'national' rates to call my mum, which is becoming quite expensive. I like to keep in touch with mum most if not every day, but I don't make that many other 'national' calls. I'm pretty sure you used to be able to choose an option on your phone plan where you could get free or cheap calls to one or two nominated numbers. Is there anything like this still available? I'm on the Homeline Budget plan. Thanks.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: National calls

Sounds like with the number of calls you make to your mum, you might be better off on a higher value plan.  If you call your mum every day, you are probably looking at $90 per month in calls to her.


If you went on to the Homeline Reach Plan, you would pay $49.90 per month for the service, and a call a day to your mum would be $30 ($1 per call). So $80 in total and you don't pay for local calls either. Compared to $113 in your current plan ($22.95 + $90 calls).


Have a look at your bill, then work out which one is best value.  I ended up going for the Homeline Ultimate because most of my calls were STD and it worked out a lot cheaper. Don't pay for Local or STD calls, just mobiles (at a reduced rate).


If you are having trouble working out which would be best for you, go in to your local Telstra Shop and get them to help you with the comparison.

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Re: National calls

Change phone companies. Telstra do the same for me i ring a "local" call and get charged "National" They will not offer anything else but another plan. 

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