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NBN and MessageBank messages

I need some messages from Telstra 101 that have been deleted as they were past the 7/14 day times. These are required for a police matter.  Can I get them back or can Telstra provide a transcript of these messages? They are all from this year and include a number of "hang-ups" that I need a record of.

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Re: NBN and MessageBank messages

I don't think so and I hope I am right. Al least not without proper warrant. If Telstra was able to provide something like that, all hell would broke because most people on the planet are strictly against such form of data retention.
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Re: NBN and MessageBank messages

It would be highly unlikely that the actual messages are recorded anywhere, the content of messages as far as I know are deleted and only the metadata about the calls is kept (date, time, location).

If the police want them, they could get a court order requesting what information remains about these messages, or you could request a copy of the metadata. If it is for a Police Matter and you are the one who needs to supply the information, it may be better for your lawyer to request the information on your behalf.
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