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Nightmare from Optus to Telstra

My Biggest Mistake on this year was switch Our NBN connection from Optus to telstra which is include our Business Landline , 

Its more than two month our porting is not completed  Telstra confirmed order has been completed and issuing the bill on time ,but we receiving call only from Telstra network , 

we are loosing our business everyday and we dont know what we have to do , 

tried more than 20 time to contact telstra support team , complain team ,billing department , they dont have any response and always asking me what modem light is on , reset your modem and wait  . OMG

End of the conversation after 4 hours holding on the line every time is  "we will contact you in 24-48 hours"


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Nightmare from Optus to Telstra

You need to ask Telstra to contact the Optus porting team and request that they finish the porting properly. Optus needs to add a redirection in the numbers database so that when someone from outside of Telstra calls, the database will direct the call to the Telstra network. Currently incoming calls will be routed to the Optus network as the number was allocated to that network in the database originally.

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