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No DIal Tone, line busy, but ADSL is OK


This is a long explanation for which I apologise.  We have a landline and ASDL with a centralised  ASDL splitter/filter filter installed by Telstra some years ago.  Recently, we started experiencing disconnection problems where the landline and internet intermittently dropped out. We reported the fault and did some testing as instructed over the phone.  No fault was detected by Telstra faults dept. The issue wasn't resolved and four days later I reported the same fault occurring. 


Following a similar process a technician attended the house and checked the line.  No issue was found but he checked the pits and pillars nearby and did some 'cleaning up'.  The issue continued and a couple of days later I made a further fault report.  This time, Telstra did find a fault in the line check which was described as 'leakage' and an 'integrity issue' in the line.  Arrangements were made for a technician to check the line between the exchange and our house. 


Today, a technician attended our house and checked the line.  He said there were issue but they were caused by the lack of filters on the actual phone sockets.  I explained the central filter/splitter setup but he insisted that there should be individual filters on the sockets - so I fitted three new filters I had on hand.  He indicated that the issue was resolved and left.  I don't believe he examined the line from the exchange, rather he relied on testing from the house - which is subject to intermittent issues.  Within 10 minutes of him leaving, the issue returned and continued.  I reported the fault again and have been placed on a 24hr wait to see 'if the issue continues' before tasking another technician - even though it is plainly obvious the issue is not resolved.  As of this moment, I have no dial tone, cannot make or receive calls - but the internet is working, albeit a tad slow.  For about 5 minutes the internet disconnected again and has just connected. I am due to receive a call from Telstra tomorrow.


The reference numbers provided so far are:

166312763 (3 December)

166362760 (7 December)

166393583 (10 December)

No reference number was given for today.


I've looked at other forum conversations where similar issues were described and most eventually were resolved by work undertaken on the line from the exchange to the house.  So far, this is proving to be very frustrating.

Compounding the problem is that there are language barriers when talking to support staff on the fault line - with the exception of one person I have had difficulty understanding the support person.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: No DIal Tone, line busy, but ADSL is OK

The best advice I can give is to ignore the fault on the ADSL and only try to get the problem with your voice service fixed.  When you ring up, only talk about the voice service not working, do not mention the internet at all.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: No DIal Tone, line busy, but ADSL is OK

Thanks for the advice.  Much appreciated. Cheers.

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