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No dial tone yet ph rings but I can't hear the caller.

I have no dial tone on my home phone.  I can hear phone ring with incoming calls but when I pick up the call I cant hear the caller.  They can hear me!!!  Very very frustrating.  I need the phone to keep in contact with my very sick mum.  and also my Dad who is in hospital.  Any help ASAP would be much appreciated.

I can't ring Telstra to log the issue as I cant use the phone?  And I refuse to be left hanging on line on my mobile, which will end up costing me a fortune.


We live in Cranbourne West.  


Kind Regards


Mrs Danielle Thiele

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: No dial tone yet ph rings but I can't hear the caller.

Hi Danielle

Have you tried using a different handset - as it sounds like it's the physical handset at fault. 

The line itself seems to be fine- since you're able to receive incoming calls and the other person can hear you. 
I suspect if you tried to call someone, the call would also go through, it's just the handset's speaker isn't working for you to hear the dialtone. 
You could test this just by calling your own mobile, so ignore that you can't hear a dial tone, and call your mobile number. If your mobile rings, then there's no problem with you making or receiving incoming calls, and it would just be the speaker on your handset.

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