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Nuisance Calls

Hello, for the past week I have been receiving nuisance calls, on my home phone, at all hours,  7am - 11pm. The caller ID function shows either " overseas private 00000000 or private" with no number. I answered the private call to hear a recording " you are the only one on this conference call ". The others I let go to the answering machine and they just hang up without leaving a message. I am listed with the do not call register for all my numbers but this seems to make no difference to calls to my home number. How do I block these calls , or can I block overseas calls? Thanks for any help , cheers Buzz.

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Re: Nuisance Calls

I am still getting these calls daily/ nightly , any clues please ?
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Re: Nuisance Calls

Good evening Buzz, mate there's not much joy with these calls I'm afraid.


They originate from overseas, more often than not they are generated by a computer system and the numbers they orignate from rotate, making it impossible to be able to block them.


Of course being from overseas they can't be handled or monitored by the Australian 'Do Not Call Register'.


They are also more often than not linked to the Scammers Network out to take your hard earned.


I know this doesn't help solve the problem of blocking them, but might give you a better understanding of the problem faced by you and the rest of us, along with ALL Telcos like Telstra and the other companies.

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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: Nuisance Calls

Thanks for your reply Smiley Happy

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