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Number transfer to different provider

I'm currently using a Telstra Landline Phone called the "HOME PHONE BASIC" which also allows me to connect to the Internet using "TPG" ISP ... I'm in the process of switching completely over to TPG on the NBN Network. TPG have asked me if I would like to keep my Landline Phone Number' and if I said yes they would take care of it!! TPG have now got back to me saying there is a problem with the transfer and I need to contact Telstra "to reactivate my number and remove the Pending Order attached to the number.



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Re: Number transfer to different provider

Hi there,


Seems like an odd request from TPG, but have you previously made a request to migrate onto the NBN with Telstra? Or recently made a change to your landline plan that could be still "pending"? Have you got a "fax/duet" service? These things could be effecting the port out process.


If not, you may need to call Telstra on 132200 to find out if there are currently any orders on you number.


Hope that helps Smiley Happy

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