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Optus cannot call my Telstra home phone

I have been trying to resolve my issue since the start of October and every single person I talk to on the online chat tells me they will get back to me and then I never hear from them again. 


I connected to Telstra nbn  and ported my home phone from Optus to Telstra and now no one on the Optus network can call my home phone. They get a message saying “the number is not available from this service.”

it seems Telstra and Vodafone can still get through though. 


Can someone help me please as I am sick of having to chase up this issue every few days with no resolve! 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Optus cannot call my Telstra home phone

That means that Optus haven't put the redirect from their network in place properly.


You will need to request that Telstra contacts Optus and get them to finish the porting process correctly.


This can only be done through the Chat in the My Telstra app at the moment.

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Re: Optus cannot call my Telstra home phone

That is the most helpful response I’ve had in a month. Thanks I’ll try that now. 

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