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Phone socket fault

I am not a telstra customer (had been for many years though) and currently have naked adsl with another provider. Therefore we do not have a land line, but do use a phone socket to access naked adsl. Our internet is connected at the secondary phone socket and works fine. However, I want to connect it to the primary (lead in?) socket but that socket does not work (it has wiring coming out of it). I have read that Telstra are responsible for the main socket - is that correct? I rang them this morning to explain that I wanted the main phone socket repaired/replaced and they said it is not their responsibility and I need to get my ISP to do it. Can someone please advise me on who should wear the responsibility. Thanks.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Phone socket fault

You need to get a licensed cabling contractor (ie an electrician) to repair the wiring within your home, at your cost (unless you are renting, in which case have a chat to your real estate agent/landlord).


Telstra won't fix it - one, you're not their customer - two, it's inside you premises, they deal with the connection to the house (junction box on the outside of house usually).


Your ISP won't repair it as cabling is the customer's responsibility.  They just provision the service.

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