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Once again have won the prize of WORST customer service yet again. Honestly do the provide any of there international call centres with any formal training????? After arriving home yesterday we found our home phone and ADSL2 connection not working. Called Telstra faults and ended up speaking to someone from the Philippines. First consultant checked first for outages in our area and confirmed that there was nothing currently noted so she needed to transfer me to another area to do some lets ting on our home phone line, testing showed that there was a fault on the line (surprise surprise ..... why did I call in the first place????). No further information could be given but she did mention that a technician would be arranged and the next update would be between now and 27 Feb at 7.00pm EST (it's currently 6.54pm in 25 February 2014).

After asking what urgent solution was available from Telstra as I desperately needed internet access last night was told they were sorry but we had to wait for the technician. AM I MEANT TO WAIT UNTIL 27 FEB?

When I asked to speak to a Team Leader to see if they could offer done help was told there were no supervisors available (surprise surprise ..... same old wording from their manuals I suppose). My mobile number was taken down with a return call noted within an hour (do I need to say it - still waiting for that call to this very minute).

So at this moment I still have no home phone or ADSL2 connection and were at the mercy of Telstra to provide an update.

Shame on you Telstra for providing such appalling service to your customers.

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