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Port existing voip number to telstra

I have an existing non-Telstra VOIP service and number which we pay separately for, for a child with learning and numeracy disabilities - it has a pattern so he can remember it easily. When we had a fixed landline it was not possible to port the number. Now our home service is on nbn/VOIP, an I able to port the number to Telstra? I can't find anyone to help me by phone and they're are no email addresses to contact. Very frustrating. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Port existing voip number to telstra

That would depend on what restrictions your current provider has put on porting out numbers for your service. An NBN VOIP service and a VOIP service that is provided by some other third parties are not the same thing.


It might be a good starting point to chat with your existing VOIP provider to see if your number is able to be ported out.


Then, you can either go in to a store to arrange the port, or send a message using the My Telstra app on your mobile (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen) and someone should respond in a few hours/couple of days.

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