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Porting request rejection


I have switched from Telstra to TPG end of June 2020 for my NBN/landline

The port in request was made by TPG where Telstra released the number however disconnected it before it was ported out completely. 

Therefore a disconnected number cannot be transferred across. 


For 2.5months Telstra have advised in writing via chat that the number is active and it is a TPG fault. Telstra have today advise that it was actually disconnected on 02/07/2020 - the day the port request was made. 


Absolutely false information provided by Telstra along with poor practice of disconnecting a number completely as soon as a request is made.


How can i get my number back which i have had for 20 years as it seems stuck between telstra and tpg..

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Re: Porting request rejection

Exact same happened to us in January 2020.  After many failed attempts to get NBN working with Telstra, we decided to move to iiNet.  Telstra blamed iiNET stating exact same thing you posted.  I just kept phoning Telstra Complaints Officer (Customer Care NBN Programs) & iiNet.    9, 17, 21/01/2020 iiNet said "The order was rejected due to: Disconnected service. This means the phone number is disconnected or pending disconnection" On 23/01/2020 eventually some mysterious way iiNet suddenly were able to port the number. Phone Telstra Complaints Officer every day till you get action (I know your online sometimes on hold for hours) but it does eventually pay off.  I hope you experience with TPG support is as fantastic as ours has been with iiNet.  Good luck. I hope this helps you.

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Re: Porting request rejection

Thank you for your reponse. Very frustrating indeed and due to COVID most telstra customer support services are shut down. 

Is there a number or email you used to contact the complaints team ?

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Re: Porting request rejection


Make you include as much detail as you can, especially reference numbers, the chat transcript etc. as well as any name dates, emails you might have received.

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