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Qustion not answered


Why is it that when I go to Crowd Support and ask a question.  I do not receive an answer.  I receive this Pop-Up.  I do not have a Mobile Phone.

How am I able to receive an answer to my questions?

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Re: Qustion not answered

I'm not quite sure how you get to these situations..


This is the direct link for CrowdSupport, use this and save it as a bookmark in your browser


Direct links or addresses are usually better than going through some intermediate site that redirects you..


Try using that and logging in.. 


If you get responses to questions, they should also send an email to the account you nominated when you registered for CrowdSupport..   and that looks like one of those emails? All you need to do is log in directly to CrowdSupport to read the response, or from the email, click on the link - the blue text.. Re:....


Not sure what you are actually clicking o


You might want to look at your profile in CrowdSupport , preferences to see how responses to your posts are handled..


I don't get responses to my mobile..  because I don't want notifications that way..


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