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Re: Fault - Charged for Forwarding to Mobile & No Compensation On Bill

She has just got here bill and there is a charge for Call Forwarding for all the calls she recieved on the mobile while the phone was out of service, I assume this is because the mobile is on the Optus network. Is this normal practice ?

Not as far as I'm aware. When my dad's home phone was out, calls were forwarded to his non-Telstra mobile for the duration of the outage at no charge, but we were warned (before the call forwarding was set) that we must disable the call forwarding ourselves within 24 hours of the home phone service being restored, or we would be charged for the call forwarding.

After the service was restored a Telstra rep rang to see if she was satified with the service & advised because of the length of the outage she would be credited on her next bill compensation for the lenght of time the service was out.

That is automatic, according to this page on Telstra.com.


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