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Re locating an existing phone to a new location

My 94 yr.old mother in law has been moved to a new room in her Aged Care Facility, we want to move her existing land line phone to her new room but I am unable to navigate my way through Telstra's on line info to enable me to do this. When we had to do this about 18 month ago we were able to do it through 132200 but this line is claiming due to coronaviris this service is not available at this point. I obviously am able to physically re-connect the phone from one room to an other but some back room work has to be done to make the connection at the exchange. Anyone any ideas how we can get around Telstra's intransigence.

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Level 20: Director

Re: Re locating an existing phone to a new location

Hi - the relocation of a Telstra land line or an Aged Care telephone system extension from one room to another room at the Aged Care facility does not require work at the local Telstra Exchange. It would normally be done in the Communications Room of the Aged Care facility where the Main Distribution Frame for the complex is housed. The incoming street cable is terminated on links that are then cross connected to different intermediate or final distribution frames placed throughout the complex where cables are eventually extended to each room.


All that is required is for an accredited telecommunications technician to change the cross connection at the MDF to the new room to redirect the physical cable pairs to the new room. The Aged Care Facility would usually have a service company to do their own telephone system maintenance and cabling works. You could ask them if they can arrange this for you. 

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