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Re: Telstra 13500 Cordless Phone - Phone Book


 Telstra 13500/13550 DECT 6.0 phone system.

Thanks for the reply, however I am most disappointed in the answer. In this day and age how can you possibly market a multihandset system without being able to copy the phonebook from one handset to another, our old Panasonic system, KX-TG1822ALS from 10+ years ago had this feature.


Thankfully we only have 3 handsets  not the maximum of 10 as per the specification and technical literature .


The date and time functions updates itself on all three handsets, so why shouldn't the phonebook.


This is not the only error in the user manual, apart from the inability to copy the phonebooks, the manual also states that the phone book has a capacity of 50 names, yet each handset can hold 100. What other mysteries am I going to discover as we use the phone on a daily basis.


As I did not keep the receipt therefore I am unable to return the phone system and now forced to use. I bought the phone in good faith based on the specifications, however I feel like I have been CHEATED and paid top dollar for a secondrate DECT 6.0 system.


I will making my feelings known via the website " › CrowdSupport".


Yours Sincerely Greg Lloyd

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