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Repeated calls from 0198339100 sms delivery service

Keep receiving calls saying we have 5 talking text messages from a mobile number which they give (which happens to be a relatives) - even after listening, deleting etc still keeps calling back - we only have a normal home phone portable handseta - tried calling number back & it delivers message then says something about our message being "undecipherable" & even after deleting we are still getting calls!!!

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Re: Repeated calls from 0198339100 sms delivery service

Hi there Jen60,

After you press 5 to delete the current message, it should go on and read the next message, repeat this until it says " There are no more messages"


In addition to then senders mobile number, it will also read out the date and time the message was sent, If there person who is sending the messages has been sitting on their mobile and sending the messages, each one will have a different time. 

Perhaps ask them to lock their mobile phone when not in use.






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