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Scam Calls

Do Telstra disconnect services (numbers) that are used for scam calls, like the most recent (of many) that I received stating that my bank accounts will be closed unless I do what they say. 

This latest call came from an Australian mobile telephone number. 

If they don’t, why not. 

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Re: Scam Calls

The scammers fake the numbers that show on Caller ID, so it is very, very hard to police them..  and they are often from overseas anyway so there is no real jurisdiction for them.. 


The scammers change the number fairly frequently so blocking the number is not very effective.. If they come to your mobile, they are fairly easy to block, but there is that risk you are blocking what is a 'real' number...

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Re: Scam Calls

Yes they should

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Scam Calls

The latest figures I saw was that Telstra were blocking around 13 million scam calls/SMS per month (and increasing).


The number that you see on your phone is not the actual number that the call/SMS is coming from, it is a spoofed caller ID and the scammers change them on a daily basis. If the calls were blocked on the basis of the number that was transmitted, then there would be many thousands of very unhappy customers having there services blocked. My number was used in one of the scams last week - only found out because someone who was called rang me to let me know.


Many of the calls come through legitimate international gateways & VOIP services which makes it even harder to police as the origin of the calls into the Australian phone network can be changed easily.

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