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Setting up your T-Hub handset

1. Wall plate phone line into adsl filter/splitter.


2. ADSL Modem socket on the - ADSL filter - connect to DSL socket on the back of Network gateway.

3. Local Phone socket on ADSL filter - connect to line socket on bottom of Thub base station.



Then re-register handset with base station.

Select Cog symbol on handset, select system, select registration, select register handset.

Then Press Page button on base station for 3 seconds.

Then press OK button on handset. Handest will search for base station. 

Once handset is registered, press page button on base station to make sure it is working.  


Both the Thub tablet and the Thub handset - should ring with page on screen.  Finally, open up an internet browser and see if you can load a web-page - if yes, then they are all working ok. 



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