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T-Hub 2 Handset on NBN

TG797-front-with-Thub2handset.jpgThe T-Hub 2 handset is not optimised to work directly with the T-Gateway (797) or Telstra Gateway Max (799) for ADSL/NBN on the latest gateway software. It is best to setup the T-Hub 2 handset with the T-Hub 2 base station that came with the T-Hub 2 kit. Alternatively, Telstra recommends purchasing the T-Voice 502 handset optimised for the latest Telstra NBN and ADSL gateways.


If you are experiencing difficulties with the supplied handset that comes with your NBN service, but your internet is still functioning,  your handset may have lost the DECT* signal to the T-Gateway modem.


 Typically your handset will display the following messages 'Searching for Base' or 'Please wait'.


The first step to resolving this is to try and re-register your Handset to your T-Gateway modem.


Below is how to do so.


Step 1: On your Handset, Navigate to Settings,

(lthe option with two gears in the lower right-hand corner)


 T-Hub2 Main Menu

Step 2: Select 'System', 


T-Hub2 Handset Options Menu

Step 3: Select 'Registration', 


T-Hub2 Settings Menu

Step 4: Select 'Register handset', the Handset will display the message 'Handset in Registration Mode',


T-Hub2 Registration Menu

Step 5: It will ask you ‘Enter base in registration mode then please confirm'. To do this press and hold the DECT button, on the back of your T-Gateway modem, for 5 seconds.


T-Gateway DECT Button Location

Step 6: The DECT light on the front will flash orange.


T-Gateway DECT orange light

Step 7: Go back to your Handset, and wait until it displays the message 'Handset Registered'.  This means the Handset has 'paired' up with the T-Gateway and is connected.  The DECT light will be Green.


T-Gateway DECT light Green



You may have to try this a few times, as either the Handset or T-Gateway times out before the other connects.


You can do this with any additional handset to connect to the T-Gateway modem in order to access the phone line.



* DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

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