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T-Hub 2 - How to Move Your Contacts

If, like me, you haven't got around to converting ALL of your contacts to Google and you synch your smartphone with your outlook contacts,  then getting your contacts onto the T-Hub and hence synched to all of the handsets, well, it's easy, although it's going to take you a while, because you do it one by one.


Now NOT all of your Outlook contacts may be worth putting on the T-Hub, so select just the ones you want.


Best way I have found to do it:


  1. Pair your smartphone with the T-Hub 2 via Bluetooth.
  2.  On your smartphone, select each contact and send it via bluetooth to the T-Hub 2
  3.  On the T-Hub 2, accept the file (it's a vcf), then select the file, and it's inserted onto the contacts list that you select (whatever account you have setup on the T-Hub for Sync)

Additionally, if you have Outlook on your Laptop and your Laptop supports Bluetooth, you may be able to send your contacts via Bluetooth from your laptop.

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