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Telephone diversion


Two months ago, I diverted my home phone (on a different account) to my personal mobile number (on this account).  I did this by dialling a number from the fixed landline service (home telephone).  Now, since Telstra is billing me for this, I wish to cancel the diversion.  As such, can you please assist me in ensuring that this service is terminated so that I no longer receive the charges on my other account.



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Re: Telephone diversion

You can change that from your account at


If you log in, then check your list of services - at the phone number, click Manage plan and allowances,  on the next page scroll down to Call Settings and click on Manage, From there, select Call Forwarding.. find and edit or cancel the forwarding rule..


You can probably do this in the app but I have never tried. Smiley Happy


As you back out, it should save it all, but you may want to check just in case - in the account and also by making a call..

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