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Telstra 24/7 Chat not helping. Please help with home phone connection

I've been on the chat screen for approx 18 hours. I spoke to four different consultants and had to repeat the same info again. They keep telling me their shift is ending so their colleague is taking over. The story was that I cannot get ADSL to my address because the system says so. We/I have had adsl connection account with Telstra to this exact property. The fourth consultant finally got the info required made me wait about 4 hours then told me that its 75% done. The order number is 1-2735751015442. Then shortly after that message said her "shift" was ending and that someone else will help. I had the screen open the whole time. The next day the new consultant ask me the same info again and told me that the entire chat history is not there. Im trying to be very patient but the lack of care is very frustrating. Can someone please help with a new connection/ADSL bundle THANK YOU

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra 24/7 Chat not helping. Please help with home phone connection

Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done through Crowdsupport as nobody has access to account information.


Your other option other than dealing with the online consultants is to go in to a Telstra Store.

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