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Telstra 9150 phone

I am using a Telstra 9150 phone that is supposed to have an answering machine attached. Originally this was working correctly but for some reason it has stopped taking messages and appears to be mixing up outgoing message with incoming message.

I have tried reseting everything to do with the answering machine, turning answer mode on and off, changing the outgoing message from a recorded one to the Telstra standard one and have followed all the directions in the manual.

What is happening now is that a completely different message (one obviously generated by Telstra) says 'You have reached the message bank of 'private number' and then beeps. No message is recorded but if I try to play back the message all it does is replay my outgoing message.

Frankly this is driving me nuts. I have done everything from turning off the phone base and removing the batteries but nothing seems to work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Telstra 9150 phone

You have Messagebank activated on your service.


Call 125101 from your service, and follow the prompts. I bet you will find your test messages sitting there.


To answer your next question, you will need to contact Telstra to turn it off Smiley Tongue




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