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Telstra Call Guardian 301



I bought the Telstra Call Guardian and love the feature of screening calls. 

However i am having problems with receiving calls, those who call through the screening services and give their name my phone will ring 10times and then go to answer phone so gives me plenty of time to get to the handset or they can leave a message if i am not home Great!! 

But my Allow numbers so anyone saved in my phones phone book will only ring 3 times and then they get squealing sound in their ear - No transfer to answer machine. 

I have also noticed this then puts the status light on my modem to red rather than green and my modem then resets after this "missed call" - This ONLY happens to my "Allowed callers" 


i have a brand new filter on the line 


so far everyone i have spoken to at Tech Support cant understand or see there is a problem 

i was told to replace the handset i have done that took the handset back to telstra and have set up a new one and the problem still persists 


HELP please.

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Re: Telstra Call Guardian 301

Hi Kim21,

It is a long shot but could you please disconnect enerything (modem & filters) from your line and test the Guardian phone for proper operation. You need to make sure that no any other equipment in you house is on the line.

We'll take it from there.

Please let us know how did you go.



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