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Telstra Easy control 202 cordless phone keypad not selecting



We are a business with Telstra Easy Control 202 Cordless phones. When we tried to select an option on the keypad it does not work. EG. Press 2 for Parts. Nothing happens it just keeps going through the options. 

Pease help as we are a business and need this to work as its most phone calls we make.




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Re: Telstra Easy control 202 cordless phone keypad not selecting

Hi - does this happen to many business destinations or just the one company that you call and does the other phone have the same problem?  I assume you can manually or automatically through the Phonebook, dial an external business which includes a 2 included in the telephone number.


For testing, if you select the speaker button , do you hear tones when you select  1 , 2 and 3.  If so, that proves the phone is OK. If the business you are calling which doesn't respond to you selecting 2 for Parts, it is likely there is something not right with their auto attendant system. 


If you can't hear a tone when you Press 2 but can hear 1 and 3 you may have a sticky key caused by dust or dirt in the keypad - blowing compressed air into it may release any micro debris. Also wouldn't hurt to try Resetting the telephone through menus or remove the battery and wait 30 seconds to see if it makes any difference. 

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