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Telstra Line Problem

Hi, I'm a customer from TPG looking to change to Telstra for internet (Homeline already with Telstra)
We have been having internet issues (disconnection, slow speed...) ever since we moved in the area, we have made numerous calls and lodged numerous complaints about it, and the technicians have come for more than 5 times over the course of 2 years. Two days ago we found out that the problem actually lied within the Telstra line. Also it wasn't just us suffering from this problem, many of our neighbours in the unit have also been experiencing it according to the TPG technician who claimed he knows exactly what the problem is but couldn't tell because it'll get him fired. Now TPG refused to escalate the problem further with Telstra because they told me that - everytime they escalate it, Telstra would charge them a fee if they can't detect any problem from their end ( there's no way I could contact them directly and discuss the situation with them since I am not their customer) and after an assessment they decided there was nothing they could do except to let me go as a customer. 


So here's the problem:


1. If the fault lies with the Telstra line, and TPG wouldn't do anything about it, does that mean I would never have internet as long as I live in the same place, since every company that provide ADSL (including optus) rents the line from Telstra?


2. If I change to Telstra, would they be obligated to fix the line for me since I would be a customer and they would be responsible for the service they provide?


3. Could anyone tell me anything about the term "incommitted sync?" or "unsynchronized commit" (seems to be the reason why the internet would disconnect/connect randomly)



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Re: Telstra Line Problem

Hey Jonathon,


I am having the same problem, TPG keeps telling me the same thing too. Coincidentally, would you happen to be connected to the Tally Ho Internet Exchange? 



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Re: Telstra Line Problem

Hi @jonathon810

TPG are not known for their customer service, It is true that they rent the lines from Telstra, This would mean that if TPG are having a problem on the lines then so would Tesltra and their customers which they would endevour to fix straight away. It seems to me that you are being played by the system as the 'problem' has been occuring for 2 years now.

My suggestion would be to simply change service providers, and as always Telstra is my recommendation as i think you will find that you will have no problems once you move from TPG.

All the best and let me know how you get on
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