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Telstra messed up home phone connection order

Have home phone and internet with Telstra for many years.  2 months ago, decided to leave Telstra and join another Telco with the for on NBN as Telstra cable was going sh___t and it is impossible to contact Telstra for any complaint during COVID-19. 


So got the NBN connected with Telstra cable already on. Both services running in parallel for a week.  So I called Telstra to cancel the service and asked my new telco to port the Phone number. 


Here is my horror story start. Telstra canceled the service and the new Telco failed to port the number as it was disconnected. There is no contact available with Telstra other than some stupid phone messaging service. 


In frustration to revive my number, I applied online for a reconnection. Nothing happened on the order for more than a month. I had no option but to go for the stupid phone app and the rep advised me that I will have to apply for a new connection to reinstate my number. He assured me that it will be a stand-alone number and I will get my number back. It will cost me $200 to reinstate the number. 

With no other choice, I agreed to it. I was told that the number will be standalone, however, I need an NBN technician and phone technician to visit my premises to complete the order. 


Now, I got an email that I have been allocated a new number and NBN technician will come to connect me on NBN. 


I can not believe that someone can mess up with a customer like this one ( still telstra customer as having 2 mobile services with them). I contact Telstra on the stupid app again and I was advised that let the connection complete and I will be able to change the number after the connection. However, I do not think that I am that stupid to believe in them after so much mess up. 


I think I have to bite a bullet and assume that my 13 years old number is lost with Telstra's inefficiencies. 

Now regret to be Telstra customer and hope if some manager in Telstra will read that will try to improve the service for future customers


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra messed up home phone connection order

Unfortunately this is a mistake that a lot of people make. If you are connecting to the NBN with a different provider than the one you currently use, you need to request the port as part of the NBN connection order.


If you cancel your existing service before a port occurs, then the port cannot occur as you no longer "own" the number.


In your case, because you have connected to the NBN, your old non-NBN connection could not be made active again (against regulations).


To get the system changed, you would need to lodge a submission with the ACMA, who regulate the porting process.

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