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Telstra T-Voice App - FAQ

Setting Up the Telstra T-Voice® app


What do I need to use the Telstra T-Voice® app?


To use Telstra T-Voice you will need the following:

  • Telstra ADSL or NBN Broadband
  • Active Telstra home phone service
  • Telstra Gateway Max(TM) or T-Gateway®


How do I install the Telstra T-Voice® app?


To download the Telstra T-Voice app, you must have a compatible Apple or Android smart phone. Telstra T-Voice is compatible with Android 4.x and higher, iOS 6.1 for iPod Touch and iOS 7.x and higher for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

  1. Connect your compatible smart phone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi
  2. Open the App store or Google Play Store on your compatible smart phone
  3. Search ‘Telstra T-Voice’
  4. Select ‘Install’ to download the app onto your compatible smart phone


The T-Voice app is free to download. To avoid incurring mobile data charges ensure you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi. The download size of the app for iOS is 20MB and 6MB for Android. 



How do I set up the Telstra T-Voice® app?


Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your compatible device, you’ll need to complete the setup process.

  1. Open the Telstra T-Voice app on your compatible device 
  2. Follow the install wizard steps 
  3. Select ‘Agree and Continue’ to read the Privacy Policy and accept the Terms and Conditions 
  4. Name your device- this is how it will appear in the shared address book 
  5. If you are an ADSL customer you will be prompted to connect a phone cable between the gateway and the ADSL Filter. This will enable you to make and receive phone calls. If you are an NBN customer you will not be required to do any additional wiring and you won’t see this screen.
  6. Share your contacts (optional) 
  7. Select ‘Start’ to complete the install wizard 


How do I re-run the Telstra T-Voice setup?


You may need to re-run the T-Voice setup wizard if you’re registering to a different gateway or the T-Voice app is no longer registering to the gateway you were previously connected to. To re-run the wizard:


  1. Select Settings from the T-Voice app
  2. Select Run T-Voice Setup and then follow the onscreen instructions


Using the Telstra T-Voice® app

The Telstra T-Voice app acts as an extension of your home phone enabling you to make and receive phone calls at your home phone plan rates. To use the app, you’ll need to make sure you’re within the Wi-Fi range of the Telstra Gateway the app is registered to.


Please note, if you disconnect from Wi-Fi you won’t be able to use the T-Voice app- this includes leaving the Wi-Fi range your app is registered to.



Handy tips


  • Your app will automatically reconnect to the registered home Wi-Fi once it’s back in range
  • You will hear a beep as you are moving further out of Wi-Fi range. If you are on a call and you go out of range, the call will end


  • Only one call can be made or received at a time
  • You can manage your Call Forwarding settings, Call Waiting and setup 3-Way chats.
  • You can connect a maximum of seven compatible smart phones and tablets to your Telstra compatible gateway and up to five T-Voice 502 handsets


How do I make a phone call?


  1. Open the T-Voice app on your compatible device
  2. Select KEYPAD and dial phone number
  3. Select Call to dial

Keypad - iOS.jpg    Keypad - Android.png


You can call Emergency 000 using the T-Voice App. In the event of a power failure you will not be able to make any calls. You must make alternative communication arrangements to ensure you can make emergency calls if necessary.



How do I receive a phone call?


How you use your compatible device will determine the type of notification you’ll receive for an incoming call. Your smart phone will also alert you of an incoming call with a ringtone.

If you have an Android device, the call alert will cover the screen. Press answer to accept the phone call


Incoming Call - Android.png


If you have an Apple device, you’ll be notified in various ways. Click on the banner to accept the call. If your screen is locked, a notification of the incoming call will be displayed on your screen.


Slide the notification to the right to answer the call.


If you select ‘slide to unlock’ at the bottom of the screen, the notification is then dismissed, the ring tone is silenced and you’ll need to manually open the T-Voice App to answer the call.


  • Incoming Call – device in sleep mode

iOS - Incoming Sleep Mode.png


  • Incoming Call – in T-Voice app

iOS 0 Incoming T-Voice App.png


  • Incoming Call – in an App

iOS - Incoming Inside App.png


  • Incoming Call – Home page

iOS - Incoming Home Page.png




Can I use my Telstra T-Voice app outside of my house?


You can make and receive phone calls at someone else’s place as long as they are a Telstra customer with a compatible Telstra gateway.  To use your Telstra T-Voice App, you will have to register the App to their compatible Telstra gateway and be within their home Wi-Fi range. If you’ve previously registered the T-Voice app to another Telstra gateway, you’ll be prompted before connecting to the new gateway.


Note: Calling charges will be applied to the service number (home phone service) of that location. Your Telstra Home Phone or Bundle plan will not be charged. Your compatible smart phone or tablet will also receive all incoming calls for that location while in Wi-Fi range.



How  do I access Telstra Home Messages 101® or MessageBank® from the Telstra T-Voice® App?


Select the icon.JPG icon to access Home Messages 101 or Message Bank. Alternatively dial 101 from the keypad and follow the voice prompts.


In Call - Messagebank.jpg


To display the keypad, select the icon 2.JPG icon



How do I change the Telstra T-Voice® App ringtone?


  1. Open the T-Voice app, go to Settings
  2. Select Ringtones, then choose a new ringtone from the list




Making internal calls using Telstra T-Voice® App


When you set up the Telstra T-Voice app on your compatible smart phone or tablet, it will be assigned a number (1** - 7**). This number can then be used to make and receive internal calls between compatible devices in the home. These calls are free and are made by calling the device number then pressing ‘**’.

Numbering plan

  • 1** to 7** to individually call an individual smart phone/tablet with T-Voice installed
  • **1 to **6 to call an individual T-Voice 502 handset
  • **7 to call the phone wired to the gateway through the green phone socket
  • **8 to call the other phone wired to the gateway through the green phone socket (Telstra Gateway Max™ only)
  • **0 to call all the T-Voice devices, all the cordless handsets and any home phones connected to the green phone sockets on the back of the gateway


On NBN only, you can call the T-Voice 502 handset from the T-Voice app by dialling ** and its number. For example, **1 will call the first T-Voice 502 handset.



Managing Telstra T-Voice® App contacts


Telstra T-Voice can share up to 1000 contacts from your compatible smart phone and tablet with all other T-Voice enabled devices connected to your compatible Telstra gateway.



How do I share my contacts from my smart phone or tablet?


The app will default to not sharing contacts during the setup wizard. Follow these steps to share contacts if you didn’t do so during the installation process.

  1. Open the T-Voice app
  2. Select the Contacts tab
  • Android users should select the Menu icon on the top right corner of the app and select Share Contacts

. T-Voice Landing Page (Menu).png


  • Apple users should select Settings on the bottom right, then Connection Details and then select Share Contacts
  1. Select the contacts you’d like to share and select OK. Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi while sharing contacts.

To stop sharing a contact, select the contact you don’t want to share when you are in the Contacts tab. Then slide the ‘Shared’ toggle to the left.


Contacts Shared.png     


Any new contact created in the T-Voice app is automatically shared across all smart phones, tablets and T-Voice 502 handsets that are registered to the same compatible Telstra gateway.



Call Waiting and Call Forward for Telstra T-Voice


How do I setup Call Waiting for Telstra T-Voice?


Before you start, make sure your smart phone or tablet has T-Voice registered and connected via Wi-Fi to your compatible Telstra gateway.


  1. Open the app and select Home Phone Settings within the Settings option. 
  2. Select the required Call Waiting status
  3. Listen to the voice prompt to confirm Call Waiting has been set up.


How do I setup Call Forwarding (Call Diversion) for Telstra T-Voice?


Before you start, make sure your smart phone or tablet has T-Voice registered and connected via Wi-Fi to your compatible Telstra Gateway.


  1. Open the App and select Home Phone Settings within the Settings option.
  2. Select the required Call Forward option
    • Call Forward Immediate- enable or disable divert for all incoming home phone calls immediately to another number. Your home phone will not ring if this feature is enabled.
    • Call Forward Busy – if you home phone line is in use, any incoming home phone calls can be diverted to another number
    • Call Forward No Answer – enable or disable divert to another number if no one answers you home phone
  3. Select the required Call Forward setting
  4. Listen to the voice prompt on the handset to confirm Call Forward has been set up.


Troubleshooting tips for Telstra T-Voice® App


What happens when I go out of Wi-Fi range?


As you move further away from your gateway, the home Wi-Fi signal strength drops. The T-Voice App will begin to beep when you are almost out of home Wi-Fi range. You will then have a few seconds to walk back into range to maintain the call. The call will end when you go out of Wi-Fi range.


When you walk back into Wi-Fi range the T-Voice app will automatically connect you back to the gateway. You will not have to step through the setup wizard again to connect back up to the gateway. 



Why does my HTC phone keep on ringing?


The HTC Once XL must be configured to have Wi-Fi off when asleep otherwise the device will ring for a long period of time after receiving the call.

  1. Select ‘Settings’ on your device
  2. Select the menu icon on the top right hand corner
  3. Select ‘Advanced’
  4. Select ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ and select ‘Never’


My Telstra T-Voice® App has an error message


Common error messages you may come across are related to the T-Voice app not being connected to the gateway. Some examples are:

  • T-Voice is not connected
  • Not Connected to your Gateway
  • Calling disabled

Try these steps to resolve your issue:

  1. Close the Telstra T-Voice App and open it again
  2. Select ‘Connection Details’
  3. Select ‘Connection to Gateway’
  4. Turn the ‘Enable Connection to Gateway’ switch off and on by moving the switch button from left to right. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Exit ‘Settings’ and attempt to make a call

If the issue continues:

  1. Go to the T-Voice settings
  2. Select Connection Details
  3. Select Connection to Gateway
  4. Select Run T-Voice Setup and select OK to run the T-Voice set-up wizard.
  5. Turn the Wi-Fi off and then on again on your smart phone or tablet.


Un-installing the Telstra T-Voice App


Android devices


  1. Select settings
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Manage Applications
  4. Find and select the T-Voice application in the list presented
  5. Tap Uninstall


iOS devices


  1. Find the T-Voice icon on your home screen
  2. Tap and hold the T-Voice icon until it begins to jiggle
  3. When the ‘X’ appears on the top right-hand corner of the T-Voice icon, select it.



T-Voice™ 502 handset support


Why isn’t the battery on my T-Voice 502 handset charging?


  • Check that you’ve got the batteries in the correct way
  • Check that you’ve turned the power point on for the T-Voice 502 charger
  • Check that you’re placing the handset correctly into the T-Voice 502 charging cradle

If the charging symbol is not being displayed on the handset after a few seconds you can either replace the batteries with equivalent rechargeable batteries.



Why is the blue light on the T-Voice 502 handset flashing?


The blue light flashes when you receive a missed call or receive a new message. If you view the Call Log or listen to the new message, the blue light will stop flashing.

To disable the blue light:

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Handset Settings
  4. Scroll down to LED Indicator
  5. Toggle Off using the navigation button

Please note, this will disable the LED light altogether meaning that you will not know when the phone is charging or needs charging.



How do I turn the screen off on the T-Voice 502 handset?


  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Handset Settings
  4. Select Screen Timeout
  5. Toggle On using the navigation button

The handset screen will dim after 30 seconds and turn off completely after 1 minute of inactivity.



How do I increase the volume on the T-Voice 502 when on speakerphone?


You can increase the volume by pressing the top volume button on the side of the handset during the call.

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