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Telstra TSH-D Desktop Phone

Does this phone or any other desktop phone have the capability of displaying the caller ID of a incoming call when when the phone is already on a call.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra TSH-D Desktop Phone

No. I haven't seen a home phone that has that type of capability.

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Re: Telstra TSH-D Desktop Phone

Hi - is there a reason you prefer a DECT desk phone over a DECT cordless phone? The TSH-D may support the feature you are seeking but I would not recommend it for use.


I am not a fan of the TSH-D as it requires 240 volt operation to function and you are chained to the desk. Despite the User Guide referring to its non existent internal batteries and the necessity to charge them, it requires a local power point and the handset is wired. If you unplug the TSH-D from the power point for relocation, you will lose the DECT function as it doesn't keep its connection settings to the modem - it has no internal batteries. On it's initial release, it required re-registration  back to the modem.


The Telstra Cordless TSH-C and its predecessor, the T-Voice 503 are made by the same manufacturer of the TSH-D. The T-Voice 503 has the identical user functionality as the TSH-C (Page 19) and the User Guide from the TSH-D (Page 16) for the Second Call Waiting feature, it follows the same instructions.


The T-Voice 503 also supports 'Receiving a Second Call Waiting' when busy on Internal and External Calls, so I would expect it to work the same on and the TSH-D (untested). I have 'Call Diversion When Busy' on Home Phone service to Telstra Message Bank as I don't like being interrupted on telephone calls.


To test, I made an internal call from a T-Voice 503 to a T-Voice 502, then used my mobile phone to call my home number and the T-Voice 503 display changed from the internal number of my T-Voice 502 to my mobile number. Whilst I acknowledge the home line was free, I would also expect that to also work if the T-Voice 503 or the TSH-C or TSH-D was already on an External Call (if you do not use Telstra Message Bank). Call Waiting is a mandatory feature of CATiq 2.0 DECT.




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