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Telstra Velocity equipment Fail

Hi Team, I have Foxtel and the telstra Velocity Equipment Power Supply failed a couple of weeks ago , so initially Foxtel came out to tell me it's a Telstra Equipment Issue. Foxtel escalated to telstra and a Telstra Tech guy came out and replaced the equipment on the 22 June and it lasted for two days and then the Power Supply for the velocity equip failed again. the morons at Foxtel want to send one of their guys out again to check it out. I can not get it through to them that its Telsrta equipment that at fault and the pigeon English from the people Ive dealt with doesnt help. Is there anyway of getting a Telstra tech guy out without involving Foxtel . I only have a mobile phone with Telstar Foxtel and my internet and phone is thru IInet, and when I ring Telstra they refer me to Foxtel !! Thansk Team

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