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Transfer existing landline number to another landine

Hi everyone,


I hope someone can please help me with my issue.


At my premises, I have two phone lines. One is my current landline and another is just the line which utilised my Naked DSL plan (doesn't have an active phone on it).


I have upgraded the Naked DSL plan to NBN with my current internet provider (on the secon


Since upgrading to the NBN, it seems that my current landline isn't working anymore - can't make calls or receive calls.


Since the second line seems to be the active one for NBN, I would like transfer my current landine number to the second line and make the first line (with the landline) inactive.


Can anyone provide information or assistance with this?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Transfer existing landline number to another landine

You need to put a port request in with your NBN provider.

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Re: Transfer existing landline number to another landine

I'll contact my NBN provider and see how it goes.


I'll keep you posted on what happens

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