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Trying to pair Telstra Easy control desktop to Easy Control additional handsets

I am unable to locate the pairing button on my Telstra Easy  Control Desktop to the Easy Contol Additional handsets. Where is the actual pairing button!! I have realized my desktop is a model Tec-D and all the instructions for the additional handsets are for Tec-C ( bought these from a Telstra shop after advising the desktop I had) Can anyone advise, please 

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Re: Trying to pair Telstra Easy control desktop to Easy Control additional handsets

Hi - just to clarify what handsets you have purchased first so that we can sort this out.


1. The Desktop phone, is it a black one with a handpiece with curly cord attached to its handset base and a power cord attached -  if so, then that is the Telstra Smart Handset-Desktop or TSH-D. This pairs directly with the modem using Enhanced DECT CATiq 2.0 signaling between the handset and the modem which has an integral CATiq 2.0 base station inside. The handset is dependent on the modems's central control. The Desktop phone has no additional handset pairing capability - additional identical handset units would be paired directly to the modem.


2. The Telstra Easy Control-Cordless or TEC-C is a different external controlled DECT GAP cordless system. The external DECT Hub is connected to the modems' Phone Port. The first cordless handset pairs to the DECT Hub using basic DECT GAP signaling. Additional TEC-A handsets can be paired to the TEC-C Base Station as they also use DECT GAP - the pair button is on top of the base unit is used for that function. 


It is possible to pair the TEC-A to the modem's integral base station for basic calls as CATiq2.0 is backwards compatible to DECT-GAP, however with the TEC-A, you would not enjoy the full features of the centralised control of the CATiq2.0 functionality along with some other features.   


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