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Turning on Caller ID

Hi Gday team, Just a quick query - I've just set up my home phone with Telstra, and the line is working which is great, but I've got a few issues:

1) The default called ID is turned off i.e. my phone shows on other peoples phones as a private number.

2) When I log in to my telstra account, I can see the option to manage my caller ID - when I go to change caller ID, I get an error to call 13 22 00 as the change could not be made

3) When I call 13 22 00, I get a message that Telstra is saving technical faults for critical customers, and I am referred to a chatbot

4) The chatbot refers me back to 13 22 00 Is there any way that I can contact Telstra to make this change? I cannot contact my local telstra store either as their phone is constantly engaged (likely from other people with the same dilemma)

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