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Uniden 6.0 phone connected to Smart Gen 2 modem

I have recently installed the Smart Gen 2 Modem (NBN) and our landline phone (Uniden 6.0) is receiving & making calls, however since changing modems the built in answering machine is not working. When a call goes to the answering machine, the greeting sounds like a message bank one, and the landline dial tone has stuttered sound before being able to make a call.


can this be fixed or do I have to buy new landline phone.😠.  When I purchased the modem, the sales person said that there wasn’t any need to purchase new landline phone to be compatible.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Uniden 6.0 phone connected to Smart Gen 2 modem

It sounds like your unanswered calls are going to message bank. You can retrieve the messages by calling 101. You can stop this happening by shortening the time the Uniden 6.0 takes to answer a call.


In standby mode go to Menu > Answering Setup > Ring Time and select either 2, 4 or 6 rings

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