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Unwelcome calls

On Telstra's Call Forwarding Rule page, number 1272250025 gives an invalid number message. Can I use this page to forward unwanted calls to a Telstra supplied number, and if so how? I am familiar with other methods of blocking calls, but I prefer this one, but I don't want to fill up my message bank with bogus messages (which incidentally are mostly people claiming to be from Telstra).

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Re: Unwelcome calls

I'm in the same boat, given that I receive several calls a day from different numbers, I can hardly call the Unwelcome team every day. I dont want to let them leave messages on message bank either. Anyone know a permanently engaged number or somewhere i can forward these calls to? (Maybe forward to telstra so they can be told to use an app if they want to speak a real person?)

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Unwelcome calls

Hi user5zillion, Leohboo, I trust this can be sorted out for you soon. The information I can find also advises 1272250025 is the recommended number to set up a call forwarding rule for unwanted calls, but if this isn't working for you then our Unwelcome Calls teams via are the best point of contact for furthe information and assistance.

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Re: Unwelcome calls

Hi Greg,

The information you have supplied is out of date - I tried 2 minutes ago to enter 1272250025 into the web page and it shows 'Invalid number' in red. You are on the support team, not us, so please provide the support. I am not going to traipse around Telstra looking for this information like it's some sort of treasure hunt.

1) Please call the Unwelcome Calls team and tell them that multiple people are complaining loudly about the the web page being incorrect.

2) Then call the Web Master and tell them how to correct the web page, using what the Unwelcome Calls team tells you.

3) Then email us and tells us what you found out.

4) If that gets you nowhere, email the Telstra Chief Information Officer, copy this email and other complaints about the same issue, and tell him or her that there is no escalation procedure available to you to resolve customer support questions when the web information is wrong.

5) If THAT doesn't work, please email me back, and I will forward this correspondence to my Member of Parliament.


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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Unwelcome calls

Hi - programming telephone numbers into web pages can be a cumbersome process subject the number or unwelcome calls received per day. Incoming call identities are spoofed by these companies and change all the time - last year I received a incoming call display purportedly from 007007007 which made me laugh.


The easiest way to stop these calls is to have a cordless phone system that has a Call Block feature, either with a one button Call Block key or accessed through the handset's screen menu e.g. Telstra Easy Call-Cordless (no answering machine) or Telstra Call Guardian 301 MkII (with answering machine) directed at the low budget end of the market. There are many non Telstra cordless phone systems from other well established brands that offer similar and more enhanced functionality. I use my 10 year old Panasonic cordless system to screen callers - 100% success rate with unwelcome callers hanging up and they don't leave a message - must be my charming but dull voice. I don't use the Call Block feature in the Panasonic. 


If you have the Arcadyan Telstra Smart Modem, it has a Call Block feature - Advanced/Telephony/Misc/Block Number. Given it is a modem initiated command, maybe it will work - hopefully a reader may confirm. 


The Federal Government has recently instructed all Telcos to filter unwelcome calls from overseas  and national call centres, so maybe we will also see a decrease in traffic from identified initiating equipment.

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