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Using your T-Hub 1 Tablet in the T-Hub 2 environment

Here's something for those of us who still have the T-Hub1 equipment.  Don't dispose of it!


You can use your old T-Hub 1 handsets, AND  NOW THE TABLET in the T-Hub environment AS A PHONE!.


It’s not officially supported, and there are limitations, but here’s how to get your T-Hub 1 tablet working:


Step 1: From the original T-Hub Tablet, select Settings->Device Reset


Step 2: Step through the Installation Wizard until you reach the steps of registering the Tablet.


Step 3: When prompted to “Test dial tone”, select the options to say that you cannot hear the dial tone.


Step 4:  On the “Troubleshoot” screen, scroll down until you see the Register button.


Step 5: Hold down the Page button on the T-Hub 2 Base Station until it flashes blue (approximately 3 seconds). If you are using the Telstra T-Gateway Technicolor 797, press the DECT button (bottom right  button, on rear of gateway for 3 seconds, then release).


Step 6: Press the “Register” button on the original T-HUB Tablet. It should take a few minutes to register. You will know that the Tablet has registered once the Base Station Page button stops flashing blue.  To check that the registration process has been successful, from the T-Hub 2 Tablet, select Settings->About phone->Other T-Hub devices – you should see that the T-Hub Tablet has registered.


Step 8: Press “Cancel” on the original T-Hub Tablet. 


Step 9: If you are prompted to confirm whether you can hear dial tone, select Yes.


Step 10: Continue the installation process


NOTE: in MY cases, I got a firmware update to B.109M - You may get different.


NOTE 2: - The contacts that are shared across the T-Hub 2 Handsets and Tablets will not be available on the original T-Hub Tablet

 - The outgoing calls made on a T-Hub 2 Handset or Tablet will not be displayed on the original T-Hub Tablet and vice versa -

 As you will be required to perform a factory reset of the original Tablet, you will lose all personal data, including contacts, favourites, calendar events, call log, etc that are currently saved on the original T-Hub Tablet.



Since my T-Hub 1 still works, (and I know many that still do), It's nice to know we can keep using it.

For me, it still has the simplicity for my morning radio, a quick phone tablet, and news and weather.

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