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VM Waiting & VM Cleared Calls

Not sure if this is the correct thread but here goes.

We have Telstra HTC NBN. We have Telstra Call Guardian 301 and we have the Telstra Smart Gateway modem.

The home phone is a VOIP service from Telstra NBN.

Each morning we wake up to multiple missed call notifications on the home phone that are from VM Waiting & VM Cleared.

When we view one of these notifications, it changes the date and time on the home phone from current to 00h00 01.01.2019.

Rebooted and reset gateway. Let phones discharge fully. Same issue.

Took photos of notifications on phone but this thread doesn’t allow me to post pics.

This issue has only started in the last 6 weeks.

Gateway version is Mint 17.2. (17.2.0406-820-RC) and system time is correct at current time.

Have tried leaving a voicemail and clearing it manually and same problem.

Believe this to be a network based issue.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: VM Waiting & VM Cleared Calls

This is a known fault and the only cure is to contact support and have message bank removed. See 4th to last popst in this thread. Ingnore the replies that have been marked as the answere)


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