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Mobile data showing as "disconnected"

I've recently unlocked (via EE in the UK) my HTC one mini 2 and put in my new Telstra SIM card. The signal is fine for calls and texts but my mobile data isn't working and is displayed as "disconnected". I've restarted it and done a soft reboot but it isn't fixing the problem. 

Any ideas, I tried the EE crowd support page and they seemed to think it would be a Telstra problem.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Mobile data showing as "disconnected"

Have you checked the APN settings?  They may be still set for EE.


Also, if it is the EMEA version it will not work on 3G in most areas on the Telstra Network as it doesn't have the 850MHz frequency for 3G (has it for 2G). The Asia version of the phone has the 850MHz 3G capability.


Will work fine on 4G (LTE) though for data.

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