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400gb Data for Mobile Broadband too low

My street is not elgible for fixed NBN ever and i was recommended against going Skymesh so I ended up spending over $2,000.00 on a Mimo antennae and took out a 400gb Telstra Mobile data plan. This gave me 100mbps which is excellent and much faster than NBN or skymesh. The problem is with an adult and 3 children at home during pandemic the 400gb is used up with about 14 days which results in our speed being slowed to 1mbps for the remaining two weeks. I am happy to pay extra for more data but telstra has no solution. I also have two mobile phones with 80gb of data each which doesnt get used but Telstra does not allow data sharing between phones and mobile boadband. This has been above Telstra Supports capacity and now they just acknowledge the problem but offer no resolution. Is this something the ombudsman can help with.

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Re: 400gb Data for Mobile Broadband too low

If your mobile phones were on Telstra Upfront Mobile Plans and your modem was on a Telstra Upfront Data Plan, then you would be able to share the data across all the plans (assuming all your devices are on the same account).


Telstra even have a deal on the Extra Large Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan (180GB) for $65 per month for the first 12 months. That should keep you close to being out of trouble for the month if both your mobiles were on that plan.

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Re: 400gb Data for Mobile Broadband too low

Hi @StrataPhones 


From what you have said, it sounds like you need at least another 400GB to take you to 28 days. So the only solution is to get another 400GB data plan.


Even if Telstra offered data packs, that would end up more expensive than another data plan that you have.


You also can "hotspot" your mobiles to help use up that data as well.

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: 400gb Data for Mobile Broadband too low

Hi Strataphones, what both Jupiter and Ozmoz have said here is correct. If you'd like to contact us over the social channels, we'd be happy to see what can be done in your situation. Please feel free to private message us on one of the social networks and we'll be happy to assist you where we can.

- Ash

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