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4g advanced modem

I have hooked up the new 4g advanced modem, i like the new screen and how you can see more things at the  aircard 790s page, 

my old sierra wirless  modem was often very slow( especially during the day) and kept switching from 3G to DC and back again and often dropping out.    the person on  the phone who sold me the new one , we discussed this and apparently it is the system switching loads etc...    from 3G   to DC  dual channel? apparently  which was the reason it was slow

now i was told the new would be 4G and much faster and wouldn't have the drop out problems.

i've ran the new one this morning(running now in fact) and it doesn't go to 4G,   what it is doing is going to 3G  and switching to H  what ever H is  and it is still slow  then fast etc...  and drops out.

 so what is "H" stand for on the screen( and also on the aircard 790s page)?

why is it switching around and being slow sometimes loading pages.?

why doesn't it go to 4G as i was told it would?

when it is going ok. i think it loads the pages much faster- thats one improvment i seen straight away.

i do live in a rural area , but the sales person did what ever checks they do and said everything was fine.


any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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Re: 4g advanced modem

As you'r4e in a rural area, yes you might find the 4G signal a bit iffy.


These are the various signal indicators you might see:


LTE = Long Term Evolution (commonly and falsely known as 4G)

  • H+ = HSDPA Plus
  • H = either HSDPA (3.5G) or HSPA+ (3.95G),
  • E = EDGE (2.5G)
  • G = GPRS (2G)

HSDPA is 3.5G. It is an extension of 3G, it uses the same network frequencies. 3G handsets and can reach up to 384Kbit/sec

There are two HSDPA networks in Australia. Telstra run off the UMTS850MHz and this is HSDPA enabled or more commenly known as network NextG,



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Re: 4g advanced modem

thanks very much jeff,,  so it's almost a 4G  when the H comes up --good to know


definately when its gooing good the pages load in much quicker.


still isnt quite the what they said over  the phone- doesn't seem to drop out as much either.


thank you link.

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