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4G Broadband - Wireless Internet

Good morning

Apologies if this has been asked before


My 20 y/o Son is in the RAN and is based in Perth. He wants to get a Wireless Modem for Internet use rather than tethering from his phone. He has spoken with the local Telstra Store but unfortunately the young gentlemen wasn't quite sure what he needs.


There is no NBN into his dorm, but he has excellent 4G coverage on Telstra.


Could someone advise how he can go about this and do Telstra offer plans for ADF Personnel.


Many thanks, Scott

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Re: 4G Broadband - Wireless Internet

I'm surprised that a Telstra Store couldn't just show him the options and get him signed up.


Any of the modems on Mobile Broadband Plans & Devices from Telstra will do, assuming he's only going to be using a handful of devices with it. Then it's just a matter of picking a plan that will give him enough data to do what he needs. The month to month plans range from 5GB to 200GB per month, or there is the PrePaid plans.


There are no ADF Personnel specific plans.

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Re: 4G Broadband - Wireless Internet

The store were more interested in NBN plans and wanting a fixed address. Pretty hard when you spend most of your time at see and on a Naval Base


The Store in question was Rockingham WA. Not to worry. I have since emailed a list of 4G modems with Telstra as starting point for him and so he now has the knowledge base to begin a conversation


,Many thanks for your response 

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