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4G modem becoming very hot

Hi all,


Is it just me or when using the 4G modem is used for a small time period that it becomes hot or very warm? I have found this issue to be reoccurring on a number of occassions since having the device but now I am wondering if the unit  is actually faulty.


Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


Josh Smiley Happy  

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Re: 4G modem becoming very hot

Not seeing it here.

Silly question.... is it near a fan on a laptop :-)

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Re: 4G modem becoming very hot


I have been using the modem on both my MacBook Pro and iMac and it becomes hot probably after 5 - 8 minutes and then the connection just disconnects.  

iPhone 4 
MacBook Pro 
Telstra 4G USB
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Re: 4G modem becoming very hot

Hi Josh


From my experience with three Telstra and BigPond Sierra Wireless USB modems, they get very hot indeed. So much so, I opted to put the BigPond USB modem on an extention USB cable, I didn't want something that gets that hot plugged directly into my laptop.


From what BigPond techs had told me, this is quite normal. I find that hard to believe, a number of USB modems I've tried with 3 never got that hot. What's more, I found the Huawei devices achieve better coverage in my experience.


Perhaps Telstra should be listening to that piece of information.



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Re: 4G modem becoming very hot

Yes - I have had mine now for about a month..... only 2 bars coverage, and its getting REALLY hot.... rang Tech Support because it was running dead slow, who upgraded me to 20Gig plan but didnt seem interested about the heat factor.... but it doesnt seem right to me. I used to have a Telstra Gateway modem which worked a dream.... now this 4G modem drops out all the time.... wish I'd never been talked into it by the guy at FoneZone....

I have rung Tech Support twice about it dropping out/ poor signal strength - they got me to manually set it to search for a network rather than set it to automatic . Apparently only they can authorise a refund. If I have to ring them again then thats exactly what I am going to ask for.

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