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4GX connected but no internet access

I have a new 4GX. I've been able to connect to it and I have activated my SIM, which has 5GB on it. I have no internet access. What do I do now?

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: 4GX connected but no internet access

Does the modem screen indicate that it is accessing a mobile signal?.

What device are you connecting with?.


The user manual states:


No Network Access
No Network Access can be any of the following conditions:
 A missing, faulty or incorrectly inserted SIM. Check you have inserted your SIM
card the right way and pushed it fully home until it clicks into place.
 A Non-Telstra SIM card. This device is Network Locked to Telstra, contact Telstra
to unlock your device.
 A PIN locked SIM card. Log into the web interface then enter the PIN code for
your SIM card.
 A PUK locked SIM card. You may have entered the wrong PIN code too many
times. Contact Telstra to obtain your PIN Unlocking Key (PUK) code. Log into the
web interface to enter your PUK and PIN code
 A PUK blocked SIM card. Contact Telstra to replace your SIM.
 SIM card is not activated or you have no network coverage.

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