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5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

My 5F Wi-fi Pro indicated the software update is available but every time the device shown "Communication Has been disconnected. Please try again." once the software is downloaded 100%.

The current software version is M01.

The Automatic Update is also turned on but it's never update itself so far.

Any idea how to update the software?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

Hey AFLAU, best thing to do would be to speak with our tech support team for this one, we ought to be able to help push this one to you. Reach out to us online here: and we'll do our best to help.

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Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

Thanks for your response WillowR.

I am sorry to say it's quite disappointed with the support I have with the link provided so far.

The chats with the "Expert" are wasting my time, I hate to say that.

They keep asking me what's the problem is and I doubt they don't even know what's the 5G Wi-Fi Pro is. As they asked a few times to confirm is it a mobile or wi-fi dongle? Is it a NBN or mobile issue? etc.

Simply they asked me to switch on and off the device, and also try resetting the device. However, same problem.

I have been working with your "Experts" for over two hours now... and I could only got the last question from them "I am really sorry could you please tell me more about the issue you are facing with?"

What do you feel if you were me?

Sorry I have to give up this time as I can't afford more time on this today.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

Hey AFLAU, I can understand how you would be frustrated with the amount of troubleshooting there is, it can be time consuming to complete. The team you were speaking to can't actually move forward with opening a fault case until they know all troubleshooting has been completed, this is why there are so many initial questions. Surprisingly it's often the troubleshooting that fixes the problem, but until you've completed this they won't be able to move forward in finding a resolution.


I know you said you don't want to try again today, but when you're ready please contact them again.


- Lisa

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Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

Hi there

Did you get this resolved‽

I have the same issue and it's been a problem for months. No one at Telstra understands or cares enough to follow this up properly!

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

That unit was manufactured by ZTE.

You could reach out to them.


ZTE Customer Support

Ph. 1300 789 475
from 10am to 4pm (AEST) Mon – Fri


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Re: 5G Wi-fi Pro Software Update Problem

Hi AceVentura,

I fixed it finally myself.

Please see if you are having software M01 currently.

If so, you can try software update through the web interface with your device turning on. It should update successfully. Let me know if you need further help on reaching the interface or get the device menu (by the way, m.home is not accessible for me and I need to use the IP address instead.

Once you updated to M02, your device should indicate soon that another update is available (M03). And now you should be able to update from M02 to M03 through the device itself directly.

I reckon there's some bug in M01 that makes the device update impossible.

I am running M03 now and find the battery life is slightly longer, and the connection for the band 2.4GHz is much better.

Hope this helps.

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