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Activating Data Share SIM - painful process

For anyone wanting to activate a Data Share SIM on an existing Mobile Plan.


It is EXTREMEMLY hard to activate a Data Share SIM on an existing Mobile Plan and set aside a couple hours if you want to do it online.  I found a link to activate a data share SIM in another crowd support page (https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/activate-your-mobile) but that page required both an order number and the service number (mobile number), both of which I didn't have.


The 1st Data Share SIM:  When I changed plans to the Go Mobile, Telstra sent me a welcome pack in the mail which contained a SIM.  Just a SIM - no phone/service number, no order number associated with that SIM.  All I wanted to do is activate this SIM card as the Data Share SIM on the $5/month deal.  This took a number of chat sessions but FINALLY just over 3 hours later it was activated completely via 24x7 Chat by someone who obviously knew what they were doing.


I today visited a Telstra store and picked up another SIM card which I want to activate as my 2nd Data Share SIM.  Unfortunately they couldn't activate it for me in store (they made a few account changes to my account and the system wouldn't let them do it until the changes went through), and after many attempts to call the store (including the mobile number the rep sent me via SMS for any further assistance) I had no option back to go back online to try and activate it.  Here we go again.  After explaining what I wanted, they finally worked out that "Mobile Activations" had to do this, but had to call me - which they did.  Activations said because there was no order in the system, they couldn't activate it, so transferred me to sales to get an order number.  Explained it all to them and after some time, indicated I'd have to go back to the Telstra shop.


Now knowing I've activated this online previously, I started yet another chat session and bingo - finally got someone who knew how to do this, and did it, just like the first time.  Took about 10 minutes all up, agreed to the terms and conditions - and done.


This is very poor form Telstra.  Why is it SO difficult to activate a Data Share SIM onto an existing account.  Firstly it should all be available for people to do online themselves, and secondly if the online option fails, why is it we have a 'hit and miss' scenario with the online chat staff with some knowing how to do this, and others dont.


For other customers trying to do the same thing - your best bet is to line up at a Telstra store and have them do it there and then.  They were able to (very quickly) assist with other items I needed done and I'm confident if I hadn't needed the account changes made, I would have walked out of there with an activated Data Share SIM.


It is just so frustrating that HOURS need to be lost in this day and age to simply activate a Telstra offered service on an already-active Telstra mobile plan.



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