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Aircard 320 U Reconnect

I have an Aircard 320U which was connected to Bigpond 4G, but I cancelled the service earlier on this year (foolish of me). I wish now to reconnect, but have been told NO, you have to have a new device, pay much more and much higher charges, etc. I don't want to throw away what is a great device, it worked like a charm. Now other operators will connect me for a modest amount. I spoke with the local bigpond store, who may only be a franchise, but they certainly did not impress me at all. I apparently require an unlocking "MEP" code to unlock the aircard, their whole advice was hurried and certainly not clear. Bigpond wants $50-00 for the MEP code. 

Any suggestions please. Should I persist with Bigpond, try again for an unlocking code and go to another carrier, or simply have a Forex and forget anything about Telco service?

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Re: Aircard 320 U Reconnect

Hi DavTer,

There's no reason why you can't get it reconnected on the same device if it was originally BigPond and you want to reconnect to BigPond.

I'd try contacting complaints on 13 22 00 and say "Complaints" or seeing if a mod can help you out.

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Re: Aircard 320 U Reconnect

T U for your message. I will try yet once again, but from the hassels I have had with this device bought from Telstra/bigpond, I am really thinking of moving all my gear across to Optus. The only thing that has held me back is that Optus maybe just as bad. T U again


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