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Availabilty 4G USB dongles which operate in modem mode

I am investigating the use of 4G USB dongle attached to standard NBN attached routers (variously Telstra Business Gateway and other brands) as a fallover option.

In my proof of concept work I am using a prepaid 4G dongle Huwai E3872 which works well for fallback.
The modem updates a dynamic DNS site with the network assigned network IP address which is reflecting correctly the current connectivity status of the modem.
However the address assigned on fallover is not repeat not routable being in the 192.168.X.X range (private non-routable IP range)

I am led to believe that a business data services contract with option GPTEXB3 will allow connections which assign routable addresses.
The addresses are not repeat not required to be static but must be routable.

A telstra rep advised against usage of netgear nighthawk since the service has a 100% duty factor.
I have also had confirmed that the code GPTEXB3 (APN extranet.telstra) will allow allocation of routable address BUT that telstra supplied dongles are firmware locked only to operate in router mode (which I believe means NAT to a private address) and so the external address is not passed to the router into which the dongle is plugged.
If the dongle operates in modem mode this address will be passed and the router can pass the correct external address to the dynamic DNS site..

On another forum I have seen reference to getting around this by taking a SIM only GPTEXB3 contract and purchasing prepaid telstra dongles replacing the prepaid SIM with the businessSIM.
Has anyone done this successfully?


A more relevant Question:
Are there available third party USB 4G dongles available which can accept a Telstra Business code GPTEXB3 SIM which will/can operate in modem mode? Any pointers appreciated.

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